The heritage of our company dates back into 1880, when the gGreat-Great-Grandfather of one of the current owners, Gregor S. Dreher, founded his bakery and patisserie.


The art of producing such delectable Gateaux, cakes and pastries are historically inspired by the timeless interpretation capturing the charm and taste of the former Habsburg empire. With classic Gateaux, we recall the glamorous spirit of the legendary Austrian-Hungarian culinary era.


The quality of our cakes, pastries and ice creams, composed with exceptional finishing and details of handmade products, are created with passion and sensibility to innovation. Our highly skilled artisans are dedicated to respect for tradition, expertly inspired by modern taste and obsessively detailed on quality and appearance.


Gregor S. Dreher: "I am inspired to create produts that tell a story, take you to a special place or create a taste that embraces a kind of character that is enduring."


Salzburg Patisserie as a premier source for delicious Gateaux, fine cakes pastries and ice cream makes an exciting statement - expressing the epitome of the life style - which will be always remembered by your guests as a mark of quality and excellence.